“Garber is the Gold Standard”: Joe Monkelbaan’s Story

By Lindsay Henry | May 19th, 2022

Joe Monkelbaan is a jack of all trades. As the Business Manager at Garber-owned Volvo Cars Rochester in Rochester, New York, Joe enjoys putting on different hats each day. His flexibility and willingness are reflective of the team-oriented culture at Garber. “At the end of the day, I see my role as a dealership employee,”…

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“Garber Gives You Room to Make Decisions on Your Own”: Dan Bresnan’s Story

By Lindsay Henry | March 31st, 2022

When Dan Bresnan first joined the automotive industry 26 years ago, it wasn’t all sunshine and butterflies and rainbows. Quite the opposite, actually. Dan left a successful career in retail management to work in sales for an automotive dealership. The experience – his first time working in the car world – was challenging at first….

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“Garber Helped Me See My Potential”: Nick Fabiano’s Story

By Lindsay Henry | March 18th, 2022

Nick Fabiano was feeling good. The year was 2020. Garber had recently acquired the Volvo Cars Rochester dealership in New York. Nick was working as the shop foreman at the time.  “Coming into this dealership, it was a mom-and-pop atmosphere, and I was a little nervous,” Nick said. “But then Garber took over. Dick Garber…

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“It’s Very Rewarding to be Seen as a Person Here”: Danelle Hetrick’s Story

By Lindsay Henry | February 3rd, 2022

Danelle Hetrick likes cars. She likes to drive fast cars, especially. But being around cars all day isn’t the main reason that Danelle – ASM/Audi Service Advisor at Garber-owned Audi Rochester in Rochester, New York – loves her job. It’s the people. “I absolutely love the people,” she said. “Yeah, I like cars, but the…

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“I Want Other Women to See it Can be Done”: Erika Foley’s Story

By Lindsay Henry | January 18th, 2022

Introducing our brand new General Manager Spotlight story series: a new take on our Employee Spotlight stories. In this series, we will specifically highlight the talented roster of General Managers leading our dealerships across the country.  With unique backgrounds and journeys, our GMs will give us an inside look at how they landed in one…

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“I’ve Never Had So Much Support in a Job”: Pat Ahern’s Story

By Lindsay Henry | January 6th, 2022

Pat Ahern’s past is in the restaurant industry. But now? Now he’s firing on all cylinders in the automotive industry. As the lead detailer at Garber Chevrolet Subaru in Webster, New York, Pat said he has found the right rung to climb his career ladder. “For years, I worked in the food industry at different…

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“I’m Happier Now Working for Garber”: Shaun Crayton’s Story

By Lindsay Henry | January 4th, 2022

Shaun Crayton likes to win. That’s why he works for Garber-owned Volvo Cars Rochester in New York. As a service technician, he competes every day. It’s Shaun vs. the vehicle’s problems that he needs to solve. “Every day is different, which I like,” he said. “You get a problem and you want to beat it….

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“I Have the Support I Need Here”: Heather Loewke’s Story

By Lindsay Henry | November 2nd, 2021

Heather Loewke — office manager at Garber Chevrolet Webster in New York — is one of the newer kids on the block at Garber. “I got hired by Garber on December 14, 2020, so I’m not quite at a year yet,” she said.  “But it’s been great.” When it comes to dealership life, she’s a…

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“There’s Such Good People at Garber”: Sandy Pickel’s Story

By Lindsay Henry | October 28th, 2021

What makes Garber a special place to work? Easy question, says Sandy Pickel, title clerk at Garber-owned Porsche Audi of Rochester in Rochester, New York. The people. “There’s such good people at Garber,” she said. “I’ve worked with a lot of wonderful people here; they make it special. The coworkers make it very special.” While…

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“Garber is One of the Best Groups in the Industry”: Jimmy Deguzman’s Story

By Robert Norcross | October 12th, 2021

How do you become an expert at recognizing who’s the best? You see it all. And Jimmy DeGuzman really has seen it all in the automotive industry. 35 years’ worth, to be exact. He has worked in many sides of the automotive industry: as a sales rep for Ford, as the general manager for a…

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